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Types of leather (Features in the second picture)

You want to decorate your living room with a chic but simple Moroccan pouf to give it a traditional touch? You're at the right address.
MOROCCAN CRAFT DREAM puts at your disposal what you are looking for! Carefully carved patterns geometric, the Moroccan leather pouf is displayed in a variety of colors including each has a unique atmosphere where she invites herself.

Note: ♥ With Moroccancraftdream, our customers do not pay any additional fees and taxes ♥ and they have 14 days warranty after receiving the product ♥

For more than six years, our team ensures that our poufs are of the highest quality while providing the best quality/price ratio.
Moroccan craft dream sells original 100% leather poufs to match and complement your Moroccan, bohemian, or Western lounge. To buy with us, is to have the guarantee of robustness, and quality of leathers used.
In addition to this, the leather used in the manufacture of poufs is specially treated to eliminate all the odors of natural leather. The leather used by our craftsmen is a real goatskin leather.

Types of Goatskin Leather :

Moroccancraftdream offers 3 categories of goatskin, the difference between them is firstly in the smell and thickness of the leather, the thicker skin is resistant to wrinkles and damage, the difference is also reflected in the duration of tanning of the skin under the sun :

1. Mazi Tanned Goatskin with a minimal Thickness of leather (Old Goat) :

  • - 100% Handmade
  • - Minimal Thickness of leather
  • - Sometimes this type may contain small spots of goat tallow
  • - This skin is taken from old goats, it may contain wrinkles and sagging
  • - This category may contain a little smell of goatskin

2. Vegan Tanned Goatskin with Medium Thickness of leather (Female Goat) :

  • - 100% Handmade
  • - Premium Goatskin
  • - Medium Thickness of leather
  • - No Goatskin smell
  • - The quality goatskin pieces are well chosen without stains
  • - No Wrinkles & Sagging
  • - Skin of Female Goat

3. VIP Tanned Goatskin with Maximal Thickness of leather (Male Goat) :

  • - 100% Handmade
  • - Premium Goatskin
  • - Maximal Thickness of leather
  • - No Goatskin smell
  • - The quality goatskin pieces are well chosen without stains
  • - No Wrinkles & Sagging
  • - Skin of Male Goat
  • - VIP offers
  • - Special promo codes for your future purchases (Send us the number of your order when you want to place new orders)

To avoid paying high shipping costs, and to benefit from the Express Shipping option, it is better to buy your empty poufs, you can fill them easily and free if you have clothes that you do not wear in the current season or you have newspapers and pillows at home, if not you can buy the poufs of Ikea (Fjadrar) or even polyester/cotton (it's cheap)

For more information, please consult the following link for more information:

If you want to buy the poufs stuffed by our specialists, additional delivery charges are calculated.
The filling takes between 1 and 2 days.

If you are looking for other measures, please contact our customer center, by chat or send an e-mail to the following address:





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