About us


Founded in 2012, Moroccancraftdream has grown from an artisan project to a large company specializing in the production of leather, wool handmade products with a good brand image in several markets.
Having several storage warehouses in Canada, Australia, USA, NZ & UK, the group has the best tools for production of impeccable quality, capable of shipping to all countries to the whole world.
Moroccancraftdream has two international subsidiaries (Moroccan and British), to fight against piracy our brand is legal and registered, the trader mark number is: UK00003808118
Our team make sure that our handicrafts are made with real wool products from the Atlas Mountains and are extensively made by hand to produce high-end geometric patterns that will surely give your house an authentic touch of bohemian feels.
The competence of our production workshop and our experience in the field of craftsmanship has helped us to be the leader of the world English-speaking market, and to achieve a percentage of satisfaction of our customers which exceeds 95%,
In order to protect the rights of consumers, we have signed contracts with several parties, to secure payment, stripe and paypal defend all rights, to ensure fast and secure delivery, UPS and FEDEX take care of all logistics in all countries