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Leather Square Luxury Embroidered Pillow Black EP1BL

Leather Square Luxury Embroidered Pillow Black EP1BL

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A Very nice pillow cover is made out of the best premium luxury quality of Goatskin by our highly qualified Craftsmen in our workshop (we use a different leather from that offered by amateur artisans, it is rare, expensive and available only in some companies in Morocco).

Handmade by our professional workshop, it's multifunctional and comfortable addition to your living room decor. Don't take a big space in your living-spaces, Anywhere you want to add a splash of fresh, colorful style and function.

Comforting you when you are sad, love you when you are mad.pick you up when you are down. Decorate your bed or couch with a cushion case, and augment the unique style of your room in an instant.

We put it above the chair or above the floor. Moroccan Pillow is an essential element for decorating your living room

In case of out of stock, the production of a leather Pillow takes between 2 & 4 business days before being finished and sometimes between 4 business days and 6 business days when it rains, because the goatskin needs a little sun to dry.

If you are looking for other measures, please contact our customer center, by chat or send an e-mail to the following address:





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