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Large Women's Leather Bag Chocolate LB1CH

Large Women's Leather Bag Chocolate LB1CH

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You are looking for a stunning large Moroccan leather bag in several colors, handmade from strong durable genuine leather. You're at the right address.MOROCCAN CRAFT DREAM puts at your disposal what you are looking for!

Our vintage handbag has been tooled with an ethnic tribal pattern on both sides. The embossed patterns looks floral and geometric and on the back side there are also camels engraved, palm trees and an oasis. It has a hippie, bohemian look. It's a lovely big women's handbag which could be easily used as every day boho shopper.

Stand out from the crowd with this fun and boho version of the classic 1970's Moroccan bag. Hand embossed with intricate arabesque detail in dark brown leather with contrasting detail.

Note: ♥ With Moroccancraftdream, our customers do not pay any additional fees and taxes ♥ and they have 14 days warranty after receiving the product ♥

For more than six years, our team ensures that our Bags are of the highest quality while providing the best quality/price ratio.

Moroccan craft dream sells original 100% leather Bags to match and complement your Moroccan, bohemian, or Western lounge. To buy with us, is to have the guarantee of robustness, and quality of leathers used.
In addition to this, the leather used in the manufacture of Bags is specially treated to eliminate all the odors of natural leather. The leather used by our production workshop is a real goatskin leather.

Our bags are made using quality organic leather which has been tanned naturally without the use of harmful chemicals such as chromium, using techniques dating from medieval times. Artisans then hand cut, emboss and stitch the bags in small family workshops using traditional tools, the leather is then oiled to protect it and produce the dark brown colour.

This bag has one main roomy compartment big enough to comfortably fit all your daily essentials, closed by side drawstrings, along with a pocket to the front closed by toggle.

No chemical de-oderizers are used in the processing of the leather so the bags may have a strong smell of leather when new which fades with use.





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