Moving To A New Home? Add These Must-Have Minimalist Moroccan Decor Pieces

Moving To A New Home? Add These Must-Have Minimalist Moroccan Decor Pieces

Moving To A New Home? Add These Must-Have Minimalist Moroccan Decor Pieces :

For those who are moving into a new home, it’s a time of excitement! You are looking towards the future as you embark on a new path in life. A new home means getting a chance to make your home just what you want. 

For many people, home becomes an oasis away from work and the world. You’ll want to spend time on selecting the décor, ensuring that it promotes relaxation and ultimately make you feel like you are in your own little bubble. To succeed with this goal, many people opt for Moroccan home décor.




Why choose Moroccan decor?

Simply put, Bohemian decor allows you to go where you want. There are no set rules for how you have to decorate your home to give it a Moroccan theme. This works well mixed with other themes to give your home a very personal touch that you’re going to be happy with! But, how can you get started? Here are a few ways on how to introduce Moroccan decor into your new home!


Go for Comfort and Style

One of the biggest pieces of décor that you have in your home is often in the living room or den. For those who want to add a touch of Moroccan to you décor, why not consider a Tan Leather pouf or Caramel leather pouf? These will bring the entire room together, especially if you use the other décor ideas presented. Poufs are super comfortable, and are perfect for late-night TV watching or simply adding more seating arrangements to the living room. You will find that pairing these with a brown couch or sofa is one way to bring the entire room together!


Toss in a Few Throw Pillows

Moroccan design is all about bold prints and colors. If you are going for a more minimalist design in your home, you can still get a Moroccan feel with the use of throw pillows. These throw pillows can be put into the bedroom, laid on the couch or sofa, or even displayed in large picture windows. The idea is to add color and patterns that are going to act as pops of color, and not overwhelm, a space.


Tie a Room Together with Rugs

Area rugs are one of the best ways to tie a room together with a Moroccan theme! They can be purchased in bold patterns and goes well with neutral furniture in a room such as a brown leather pouf or white sofa. Moroccan culture often uses rugs to tie a room together in a bold way that is sure to be eye-catching! This is going to be even more Moroccan if you are dealing with dark wood floors, as this is often the way that homes are decorated in Morocco.


Add in Some Greenery

Think about your past home decorations? Did you use greenery? Not only are plants a great way to add some life into a room, if you get the right kind of plants you will find that this is a great minimalist design concept! For those who are wanting to go with a Moroccan theme, consider plants that can be planted in large and colorful pots and those that have an oasis feel such as papyrus plants.

A minimalist Moroccan theme for your new home is just the way to go for those who want to make this new house feel like home as soon as you can!

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