How to choose the colors of your leather Ottomans

How to choose the colors of your leather Ottomans:

How to choose the colors of your leather Ottomans

The Leather Ottomans have become a decoration trend today, with a large demand from customers everywhere, authentic handmade and original, the Moroccan pouf is an object that will revolutionize your design and layout. inside. it can be used as a footstool, sofa, chair, and also practical as a side table, as a wide coffee table

Medium and small round luxury ottomans:

Before choosing the colors of your poufs, try to determine the main and secondary colors of your decor theme, to match the colors of your decor well, and since our luxury ottomans have a magnificent stitching, it is preferable that the color secondary is the main color of your ottoman, try to reverse the colors of your theme for example if your main color is gray, and the second color is mustard, choose a mustard ottoman with gray stitching, this will highlight the colors of your theme.

If you have caramel chocolate brown wood in your space, to match the colors, try to choose the natural colors of the leather (tan, caramel, light caramel or chocolate)

2. Large Leather Tables

 Large authentic Moroccan hand-made leather Pouf is made from premium grade, genuine soft goat leather. It can be used as a footstool, coffee table and Sofa

These huge square leather ottomans look sensational in any bedroom, living room or outdoor area. They are lovingly handmade from premium grade 100% genuine goats leather. They can be used as a shared seat or a table.

These are the trend of today, given their charm, authenticity and originality, before choosing the color of your large table, you must also determine the main and secondary color of your theme, the color of your table also depends on the space you have and also if your room is dark or bright, the colors light caramel white can light up your dark and small space, on the other hand the chocolate tan black colors are ideal for all the spaces

After choosing your large table, you can also complete your decor with square small or medium ottomans, with a color close to the table or choose the same color.

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